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Thursday, March 4, 2010
This is real, I'm afraid; this time there is no hiding..

Who the hell who took my kh latihan and buku komsas ?
please give it back to me !
WTFFFFFF.. who the hell who took my book ?!
i lost my book almost 4 times .
u hate me just FUCK infront of me la.
why do u want to steal my book ?
nothing to do izzit ?
too free izzit ?
i hope u can give it to me as soon as possible .
i hope u guys can help me to find it .
Thanks :]
my mood wasn't that good since i lost my book ><"
I still dont understand the stealer took my book for wad ?
if u really dont want me to know that who steal my book, please put my books inside my locker .
then the problem is settled.
thanks for your cooperation.



Sunday, February 28, 2010
Sweet yet loud, Im a cutie 'n' proud!

Sorry peoples !

i'm not free to update my blog

i just update a short post .

two more weeks, i have to face my first assessment test.

i wouldn't update my blog while i'm having exam.

i need to study at home.

i have to force myself to stop playing computer and games.

as u guys know, spm results is giving to u guys soon.

i hope everyone of u good luck for your result can get many A as possible :]

especially my buddies - peii teng, niick, joo lyen, teck jun , sze theng, poey , joey, kam wai, sam, kah yian, and more .


Sorry peii teng, i will update my dead blog after i finish my exam k ?


Notice :after i finish my exam, i will upload picture that i took with my darling :D

Rainie Nikii


Thursday, February 18, 2010
You can better lose a lover than love a loser.

5oth post

Hello peoples !
it's time to update again ;D
Year of the TIGER ! Wooohooo ~
wish everyone of u HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.
and happy birthday to
navin, carmen pang,emily chia and Esther woo :D

we had a reunion dinner at times square .
my relatives not free on saturday so we forced to celebrate it on friday .
b4 that, i went to yenn's house cheong k , having fun at there.
we went there by her aunt's kelisa.

me,bryan,marcus,adam and yenn squeezed into her aunt's car.*pity of the kelisa* around 4 sumthings i went back by lrt.

nothing special. just had a reunion dinner with my family.
my dad cooked by himself.

it's soooooooooo delicious :]
yummmmmmmy !
then at night went to work lurh :D

Happy Valentine's Day !
i feel sad that i still haven find a boy to be my valentine :(
so how did u guys celebrate with ur valentine ? :]

i went back to hometown with family.
we gamble mahjong with relatives .
if i lose , my daddy help me to pay ..
if i win , i can get the money .
finally i lose, my daddy help me to pay .
hahaha ... lmao xD

i forgot that yenn invited me to go marcus kuan's house.
lastly ffk them .
sigh.. sorry marcus :x
they were enjoying but i'm not :(

today i have to go to school to study .
cause i aiming to get a 100% full attendance in this year.
Ordinarily,my dad also dont want me to skip school without reason.
today, my class onli have 13 students attend to school.
other ppls just rest at home and sleep o.O


tomorrow i'm going to school again.
such as a nerd student right ? :)

currently listen to justin bieber song-love me


Love me love me Say that you love me

Fool me fool me
Oh how you do me ~
Kiss me kiss me
Say that you miss me

Tell me wad i wanna hear~

i'm heading off to bed now .
Byeeee (wave)

Love ya'll


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Sunday, February 7, 2010
Love is like wind... u can feel it but u cant hear it!

finally i can update my blog again.
cause my dad just finish using computer.

i enjoyed with bryan,sevene,li yenn,mikhail,win yee,cheng lin and jie ying .
we went to wangsa maju practice badminton.
i went there by lrt and putra lrt .
when i reached there, win yee came and fetch me to the badminton court .
win yee,sorry for wasting your time to wait me about 30minutes at there.

about 11am sharp, me and win yee reached at wangsa maju badminton court.
while we were waiting for them, i went to change my grip.
i changed lee chong wei's grip.
i feel so happy that i can find that baby red colour .
we booked 3 court for practice around 3hours half .
we had fun alots at there.
i hope next time we can more enjoy than this time :)
we still confused who's going to play for interclass badminton competition.
are we crazy ?
so fast think about interclass.
hahaha xD
cause we dun wan lose in badminton competition.
we must WIN for 3K class.
as life moves on, i love my 3K class damn much.
cause i have my buddies same class with me .
they gave me alots of happiness and joyful in my skul life.
they always cheer me when i was sad.

after we finish practice our badminton then walk to bryan's house and put our things .
win yee decided to go Mc donald .
next , we walked to jusco and having lunch at there.
everyone of us has to hurry up finish it at the moment.

afterwards, I accompany win yee to go OSIM shop and change the S.H.E 's limited edition angpau.
the worker said that she can get a lucky draw .
fortunately is win yee get a Uvive for the lucky draw.
She's a really very lucky person .
they said she's the first one to get the prize.
Congraz her. haha xD

around 4sumthings, her dad came and fetch us to pavilion .
we enjoyed alots at there.
the most funny things is i dance the pink panther steps.
really LMAO when many ppl saw that i dance in front of them ><"
hahahah xD

we went to nike shop and saw a jacket damn nice man .
i have to save money to buy it .
hehe xD
i promise win yee i will buy the jacket after CNY .
win yee, wait me owh .. :)

muacks <3>
I LOVE YOU , Pung Win Yee ! <3
my besties of my life !

Lee Pei Teng

i'm glad to hear that u're coming to my skul soon.
hope that i can see u a.s.a.p!
and hope u don't laugh at my nerd face owh ..
hahaa xD
thanks for supporting me to be a prefect.
i hope that i can pass the interview ba .
wish me good luck ba :D
if i can be a prefect remember must belanja me MAKAN owh .
haha xD jkjk la .
anyways , i forgot to tell u ..


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Just give us a chance and we'll see what happens for romance .

it was a nice day .
i have a good news need to share with u guys .
i think this good news is not good for me .
cause ms mala choose my as a probationary prefect already .
but i dunno whether i can pass through Mrs Kang's questions anot la.
wish me good luck for the interview test la ><"
haix D;
actually i rather be the class monitor also dun wan be a prefect one la.
i have no ability to guide our students la.. o.O
but i have not more choice .
teacher forced me to write down my name inside the list. :(
then i try my best to appreciate it ba :)
when i told this news to bianca, u know wad she answer me ?
Bianca said:" Mun gee, u should go to be a prefect .i argee ms mala y she promotes u to be a prefect. it's good for u when u go to college . it's your opportunity to show your advantage.
me: but i have no ability to be a prefect. y u dun wan be a prefect then ?
bianca: cause i'm not suit in being a prefect.
me: me also wad .. haix D;
but anyways , thanks for your supporting , bianca <3 !

I broke up with him already.
cause he's not my taste.
i feel so sorry that i hurt him anyways.
but if u really love me , please dun act cool infront of me or wad .
i don't like cool person one.
hope u know that .
i'm gonna find a true love before valentine's day.
I'm still single now :)
who wants me ?
haha xD

izzit u ? uh ?

i stop here right now .
i'm going to take a sweet nap first.

Byee peeps.

Rainie .

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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Love is like maths... Its soooo COMPLICATED!

Hello peeps,
it's time to update my blog again :D
i promise my buddy will always update my dead blog.
u know who i mean :-)
*lee peii teng*
ahhaaha..mind me to call ur full name again ma ?
anyways..just need u to be happy always and enjoy ur college skul life .

Li yenn is at Singapura now..
she wanted to play badminton with us tomorrow.
but already canceled it.
dont worry .
we'll wait until you're back onli go to practice :)
hehe xD
we canceled it cause win yee cant go to practice tomorrow so forced to cancel lurh .
so we change to next saturday KDE club practice okay ?
awwww.. when i visited ur blog just now.
i saw the pink badminton bag picture .
it's freaking nice by the way.
i wonder where can buy it ..

Yuan lin,
i feel so happy if u can change to martin tuition centre with me .
when i read ur good news in my blog.
my feeling was freaking happy.
dunno how to describe it .
thanks anyways.
you're the best!
maybe bcoz of tuition center u think i just care my feeling not yours inside your heart.
so anyways i have to apologize here and beg your forgiveness.
SORRY , low yuan lin .

Actually i still love him not u .

how can i reject u ?
with cruel action or ... ?

stop here right now.
i'm going to do my homework now.
will update my new post soon :)
nights .

Rainie .

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
I Don't Like The Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me

I'm fucking moody today..
Cause i get scolded by Mrs meta.

my composition book is missing this few days .
i cant find it at home and my locker .
early in the morning ,
so i went to ask Mrs Meta ask her where is my book?whether my book was inside the stuff room ?
then she answered me that if ur book lost u should tell me earlier ..
that is ur responsibility.
and if my book really lost can i buy a new book ?
she acts so LCLY man.
she said i wont mark ur book if u still havent find ur old composition book.
WTFFF.. i remembered i passed up to her ady .
but she said that to me she didnt took my book.
if i took ur book i will give u during the lessons.
u should not blame on me .
So she ask me other classes whether got took my book anot.
then fine..
i thought the matter was settled ,
but during after accembly,
we're going back to class from audi.
ms mala was standing besides of me and called me ..
she asks me y i didnt pass up my homework on time ?
ur bad attitude is back again.
u should not repeating ur bad attitude again.
if not i cant promote u as a prefect.
i was like .. get shocked.. :(
y suddenly she wants to promote me as a prefect ?
i dun care her then walk away and went back to class.

During english period,
-me,-Mrs meta,-clement and shin yi
me : y u told ms mala that i didnt do ur homework ..?
me:i always pass up my books on time.
me:y u say so to ms mala that i didnt do ur homework..?
mrs meta: cause u didnt pass up ur composition to me .. i count u as didnt do my work ..tat's all.
me: i told u my book is missing ady.
mrs meta: y u dont told me earlier?
me: i told u ytd since u want us to do composition.
mrs meta: No No NO! i didnt saw u came and told me that u didnt bought ur book ..?
me : I had told u ytd.and i paid one ringgit to u for didnt bought my composition book.
mrs meta: If u had paid one ringgit to me, i will record it as u ady paid.
me: u can ask clement and shin yi..i paid the money with them.
mrs meta: my records here is u didnt bought ur baby steps not composition.if u told me i will record inside my record book.
mrs meta: then she ask clement and shin yi did u all didnt bought ur composition book ytd ?
Clement and shin yi: : No, we left inside my locker .
mrs meta: then have u all pay one ringgit to me that u all didnt bring my book ?
Clement and shin yi: yes,we did. mun gee also gave to teacher ady .please check it properly teacher.
mrs meta: if i received ur money , i have 3 ringgit on my hands now. then where's my 3 ringgit ? U ALL DIDNT PAY TO ME..!
mrs meta: mun gee i hope u can find the book and pass up to me, if not i will tell ms mala that u're lazy.
me: (whispering+crying) complain la.. u ady complain to ms mala since early in the morning..

P/s: WHO THE HELL took my composition already?!!!!!!!! PLease return it to me NOW !


no mood to update again.